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YouTube video list from Advleather.com

I've been away from blogging for a while and intend to get back into it.

This is my first posts in a long time.  Let me know if you have specific areas of interest which you would like to see me comment on via this blog.

I've been active posting YouTube videos and this post describes each of those videos and has a link to them.  Let me know what you think.  If there is a specific topic for a YouTube video you'd like to see me produce, let me know.

Advanced Leather Solutions YouTube Video Library

This is the current list of videos available produced by Advanced Leather Solutions on YouTube.  Our YouTube video production is an ongoing effort.  They are either task specific (i.e. how to accomplish a specific leather repair task) or are informative about leather.  We have grouped them into categories to make it a bit easier for you to find a video you’d like to view.  If you want us to produce a specific video regarding leather care and maintenance, let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

About Leather
Title: Leather Types Explained
Content Description: Different types of upholstery leather found on furniture and automotive are explained between unfinished, aniline dyed leather and finished, protected or pigmented leather.  Also explains the purpose of base and print coloring technique and protective clear coat.

Title: Material that is NOT a candidate for Leather Restoration
Content Description:  Kevin Gillan shows two examples of material that he recommends not to proceed with a restoration project as in both cases the new color coating will fail.  Kevin shows why.

Title:  New Leather Furniture Care Tips
Content Description:   Offers advice for the care and maintenance of new leather furniture.  Also discusses a strategy for keeping cats off leather furniture.

Title:  Do You Have Finished or Unfinished Leather Furniture
Content Description:   Helps determine the type of leather you have --- finished or unfinished.
Title:  San Francisco Cable Car Straps Production
Content Description:   Shows how Advanced Leather Solutions manufactures the leather hanging straps used on the San Francisco Cable Cars for the standing passengers.

Title:  Effect of body oils on fine leather
Content Description:   This brief video shows the eventual effect of body oils on a leather headrest.  This leather is only 5 years old.  The leather on the headrest had to be replaced.

Leather Restoration

Title: Anatomy of Leather Furniture Restoration from Aniline to Protected
Content Description:  Documents the restoration of leather furniture from faded, and stained aniline or unfinished to a fully finished state, explaining the step-by-step process.  The result retains the feel and look of the original unfinished leather yet now has a protective coating that is fade and stain resistant.

Title:  DIY Leather Solutions Kit Contents
Content Description:  Produced by Advanced Leather Solutions of Hayward, CA, here you will see the contents of a typical, fully consumer based Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit for restoring worn, faded and stained leather furniture.  Thousands of kits have been sold to date.  You too can be successful at restoring your own leather with this system.

Title: Leather Jacket Restoration
Content Description:  Leather jacket, originally black faded over time.  This jacket  is restored to original condition with the products and processes of Advanced Leather Solutions.  You'll see the procedure of priming the leather, coloring the leather and then top coating where we retained the soft feel of the fine leather.

Title:  Creating a European Wipe on Mottled Color Affect on Leather
Content Description:   his Advanced Leather Solution video shows the procedure for creating a hand wipe European style affect on leather.  It shows how to re-create that affect that was worn away on leather furniture.    This is a system that Do It Yourself clients can use on their old, worn and stained leather furniture to bring it back to like-new condition.

Title:  Abby's Leather Lesson - 2011
Content Description:   9 year old Abby demonstrates how to create a mottling color affect on leather using Advanced Leather Solutions Do It Yourself (DIY) leather color restoration process.  This mottling effect creates a more organic or natural look to upholstery leather.  

Title:  Before and After Slide Presentation of DIY Leather Solutions
Content Description:   This slide presentation was produced by a client of Advanced Leather Solutions using the DIY Leather Solutions Coffee Bean base coloring system.  It includes body oil extraction, priming and three coats of Coffee Bean base.

Title: How to Remove Color from Tacks, After Leather Color Project
Content Description:  When re-coloring some leather furniture, the decorative tacks can be a problem.  The best technique is to ignore them (color over them) and then subsequently remove the color from the tacks.  This video shows you how.

Title:  Back in Black Leather Coloring System
Content Description:   Demonstrates how to use Advanced Leather Solution's Back in Black color system to restore color to leather.

Title:  Mottling affect with a screen
Content Description:   How to create a mottling affect with a screen to shoot print color through on to the target leather.

Title:  Body Oil Extraction from Leather Procedure
Content Description:   Shows the technique of oil extraction from an unfinished leather as the initial step to full color restoration of a recliner.

Title:  Porsche - 1962 Leather Interior Restoration
Content Description:   Demonstrates Advanced Leather Solutions techniques for restoring the leather interior of a classic car.

Title:  Coffee Bean Color System
Content Description:  Demonstrates the Advanced Leather Solutions DIYLeatherSolutions.com Coffee Bean generic color system showing the ability to create a mottled color affect while changing the color of leather.

Title:  Professional Leather Color Change Procedure
Content Description:   Demonstrates the process of a full color change, converting an orange leather club chair to a version of brown as selected by the client.

Title:  Body Oil Extraction Procedure for Leather Furniture
Content Description:   Demonstrates the procedure for body oil extraction from a leather backrest as one of the steps in the DIY Leather Restoration system offered by Advanced Leather Solutions.  To see a slide presentation by a client that shows the entire process including priming and coloring after the oil extractor step, go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Title:  Cassina Soriana Seating Upholstery Project
Content Description:   This video shows the upholstery of a Cassina Soriana chair.

Title:  Advanced Leather Solution's Generic Colors
Content Description:   Shows a color change demonstration on leather from grey to either Coffee Bean or Mahogany color systems provided by DIY Leather Solutions.

Title:  Is Your Leather a Candidate for Restoration - A Test
Content Description:   How do you know if your leather is healthy enough to be restored?  Any leather restoration process will only be successful if the integrity of the leather is still good.  This video shows how to test your leather's integrity.

Title:  Jaguar XK-120, 1953 Leather Restoration
Content Description:   This is a brief edited version of a video showing the before during and after of the conservation and preservation of this badly worn out leather seating completed by Advanced Leather Solutions.  The full 25 minute video is available via download from www.advleather.com on the automobile page.

Title:  Wiped Color Affect for Leather Restoration
Content Description:   Shows how to recreate a subtle mottling wiped color affect on leather as a color restoration technique.

Title:  Omersa Leather Rhino Restoration Project
Content Description:   This project demonstrates the leather restoration work that is done at Advanced Leather Solutions, Inc. studio in Hayward, CA.  It shows the level of craftsmanship you can expect from Advanced Leather.

Repair Techniques

Title: How to Remove Scratches from Pull-up Leather
Content Description:  Demonstrates how to resolve scratches and packing tape damage marks from a pull up leather using Scratch Remover.

Title: Leather Color - Print Coat Failure
Content Description:  Shows a weakness in the coloring system used to color this leather.  The original protective coating has very little wear or chemical resistance, including against water. This piece is manufactured by Ashley Furniture.

Title: Resolving Mold in Leather
Content Description:  Mold?  Video demonstrates how to resolve mold in or on leather.

Title: Leather Color Failure - Print Coat
Content Description:  Why does the color of leather come off or fade?  It's called Leather Print Coat Failure

Title:  Resolving a Dent in Leather Furniture
Content Description:   Have a dent in your leather furniture?  This video demonstrates how to resolve it.

Title:  Leather Lacing on a Cushion
Content Description:   Leather furniture restoration often requires some level of uniqueness.  In this case, we are re-lacing leather as part of our restoration process.   We had to remove the original lacing as we replaced the seat cushion with new leather and to restore the color, we had to remove the original lacing else the lacing would have been colored as well.

Title:  Sticky Name Tag Problem on Leather Jacket
Content Description:   Have you been to a function wearing a beautiful leather jacket and someone hands you a name tag to stick on the leather?   Oppps...  When you pull the name tag off, the leather color comes with it along with some of the epidermis as a sticky Band-aid would pull some of your skin when removing.  This video shows how to solve that problem and save the expensive leather jacket.

Title:  How to Insert Foam into a New Cushion Casing
Content Description:   Show a simple technique to ease the effort of inserting foam into a leather cushion.  This little trick saves a lot of time and energy in getting the foam neatly and quickly inside the leather cushion casing.

Title: Natuzzi Internals
Content Description:  Shows how a Natuzzi sofa is constructed internally and after years of use, how the internal support systems failed causing a sinking seat deck.

Title:  Repairing Bicast Leather Cushion Casing  - Part 2
Content Description:  This is the second of two videos that shows the process of repairing via sub-patch under the entire seat top of a bicast cushion.

Title: Repairing Bicast Leather Cushion casing - Part 1
Content Description:   Describes how to repair bicast cushion casing using a sub-patch method to bring strength through sub-patch to the underside of the leather

Title:  Vinyl Repair Technique
Content Description:  Shows how to repair a hole in vinyl.

Title:  Print Color technique with a badger 250
Content Description:   Shows how to apply missing print coat to a leather cushion.

Title:  How to Use a Badger 250 Air Brush
Content Description:   A demonstration by Advanced Leather Solutions of how to control the air pressure and spray pattern for a Badger 250 air brush.

Leather Care

Title: Advanced Leather Solutions Leather Protector
Content Description:  Demonstration of leather protector against oil on aniline (unprotected) leather.  Shows how a simple wipe-on application of the protector prevents absorption of oil.  The protector does not distort the color or the feel of the leather.  Check it out.

Title:  Leather Cleaner from Advanced Leather Solutions - SG - 5
Content Description:   Leather cleaner from Advanced Leather Solutions is demonstrated on a heavily soiled leather car seat.  Video was taken in Our Hayward, CA leather restoration studio.  The demonstrated product is SG - 5 leather cleaner.

Title:  Cleaning and Conditioning Leather in an Automobile
Content Description:   SG - 5 and SG - 25 leather cleaner and leather conditioner are demonstrated in an automobile application with light colored leather that has had dye transfer and soiling discoloring the leather.

Title:  Household Cleaners and Leather
Content Description:   Shows the effect of household cleaners on various types of leather.  Discusses the importance of understanding the pH of leather. 

Title:  The Power of SG - 5 Leather Cleaner Demonstrated
Content Description:   Here is an excellent example of the cleaning power of Advanced Leather Solutions SG - 5 Leather Cleaner.  It is one of several leather care products in the SG series, all intended to prolong the life and beauty of your leather.

Title: How to Clean Nubuck or Suede Leather Furniture
Content Description:  This video show the process for cleaning nubuck or suede that does NOT involve a liquid of foam cleaner.  It's based on an abrasion principle that we've been using successfully for years.

Cat Scratches

Title:  Severe Cat Claw Damage Repair
Content Description:   Shows repair technique for severely damaged leather from a cat.

Title:  Green Leather Sofa with Cat Scratches
Content Description:   This is a simple but effect method for resolving cat scratches on leather furniture with products from Advanced Leather Solutions, Inc.

Wassily and Barcelona

Title: Wassily Backrest Installation
Content Description:  Shows how to install replacement backrest leather for a Wassily chair.

Title:  How to Identify Barcelona and Wassily Chairs Authenticity
Content Description:   How can you tell a real Wassily chair or Barcelona chair?  Learn the clues to look for to determine if the piece is the real deal or a knock-off.  The video also shows the quality of materials Advanced Leather Solutions uses to construct replacement components for these chairs.

Title:  How to tell if you have a real Barcelona or Wassily chair
Content Description:  This video from Advanced Leather Solutions shows you how to tell if you have an original Barcelona or Wassily chair.  It also shows the quality of workmanship in our replacement parts for Wassily and Barcelona chairs.


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