Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mitt-Spit Baseball Glove Care System

Mitt-Spit --- It's another great set of products has come out of the leather labs.

If you have a cherished baseball glove, you should consider taking the best care of it with Mitt-Spit.  Our baseball glove cleaner, Glove oil (conditioner), and Break-in products are developed, like all of our products, with the Science of Leather as bedrock.  Its proven to be the best.

We so happy that customers all over the US and Canada have found how effective the Mitt-Spit system is for their beloved baseball gloves.  Whether its a brand new glove that has ot be broken in, or a 60 year old glove, Mitt-Spit Solutions products are right for you.  If you use Mitt-Spit then you know how good it is.

Walt H. of Mobile, AL uses Mitt-Spit.  He is semi-retired, spending his time now repairing and restoring baseball gloves.  Walt lives in the sports crazed capital of America, Mobile, AL where more professional baseball and football players come from per capita then any other place in the country.  People from the Mobile area are serious about baseball.

In one specific instance, Walt has a decades old glove that was heavily soiled and hadn't been conditioned in about forever.  He used the Mitt-Spit system of cleaning and conditioning and reported back that it worked wonders.  He said it was just like what we show in our video demonstration on our Mitt-Spit web site -

Walt is a repeat customer who ordered another full bundle of the cleaner, conditioner (glove oil) and the break-in products.  It's nice to hear from people who have a passion for what they do and want to use the best products for their work.  Thanks Walt for being a great customer.

--> If you've used Mitt-Spit products on your glove, we'd love the hear from you.   If you haven't tried Mitt-Spit yet, do your glove a favor.  Join the ranks of satisfied customers.  It's easy.  Place your order today!  Go to:

Watch this informative video:

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