Friday, April 30, 2010

The Animal Hospital of America

Advanced Leather Solutions (ALS) has established The Leather Animal Hospital of America.

A company in the UK, Omersa, creates wonderful leather animals.  They've been in business since 1927 and have clients all over the world with many in the USA.  To offer services to the aging leather animal population of North America, ALS has agreed to open the Advanced Leather Solutions Leather Animal Critical Care Unit (the ALSLACCU) in Hayward, California.

The Public Relations Director for ALSLACCU stated, "Our goal is provide critical services that care for, repair and restore these magnificent beasts." 

On hearing the good news, a Leather Animal Society spokesperson said, "It's about time someone has stepped up. Society needs these kinds of services.  After all, how we care for our leather animal friends indicates the state of our civilization."

Here is a link to the original manufacturer's web-site:   After entering their Show Room, Click on the Animal Hospital button and then the Animal Hospital of America.

Copyright 2010, Kevin Gillan

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