Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leather Jacket Reconditioning

One of the benefits of my position is that I receive regular emails from our clients extolling the virtues of our products. It’s fun to hear how a client can take a Salvation Army find and return it into something resembling its former glory with a simple procedure.

Here is the short but powerful testament to what our SG – 50 leather care product can do to a well worn leather jacket.


SG-50 does amazing things! Softens, darkens, adds suppleness - look!

--- BC, Chicago

Look at this one picture associated with that statement. The client took this picture after she had applied SG – 50 to the right facing side of the jacket and a little bit to the upper left facing side.

There is photo sequence taken by a client of Advanced Leather Solutions demonstrates the revitalizing properties of our premier leather care product - SG - 50. Check out how you can improve the look and feel of a well worn leather jacket.

For a complete set of the photos, cut and paste this URL into your browser and it will take you to Picasa where you can see all of the pictures taken by the client.


Copyright 2010, Kevin Gillan


  1. So useful stuff on leather jackets reconditioning. Love it.

  2. A few years ago while I was in Germany, I aquired an old WWII leather jacket. It is in great shape except that it is very hard. I would very much like to restore it but am worried about damaging it. Any advice would be appreciated.