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Advanced Leather Solutions SG Series Marketing Info

The following is marketing information for those who wish to become resellers of the proven SG Series of leather performance products made by Advanced Leather Solutions, Inc.  Here at we chemically engineer the best performance  for leather care products.  Those who use the products praise the results.  Those who distribute the products to their customers report back to us that their customers are also praising the merits of SG - 5, our leather cleaner and SG - 25 our leather conditioner.  As a reader of my blog, you too can take advantage these superb products, either under your own private label or take advantage of the brand awareness Advanced Leather Solutions has already created.  Here are the details...

Advanced Leather Solutions --- The SG Series of Leather Performance products

Intensive cleaning and moisturizing for automobile, leather garments and furniture

Chemically engineered specifically for leather

Safe and easy cleaning action --- SG - 5 cleans automotive and upholstery grade leather.  The cleaning action is safe for leather, surrounding and lifting dirt away from the leather, even if deeply embedded in the grain pattern.  Because it is safe for leather, frequent repeated application will not damage the leather.  The cleaning action brightens the leather without the use of harsh bleaching agents. 

Intensive moisture replenishment ---   SG - 25 is an intensive moisturizer for automobile and upholstery.  These replenishing oils and other softening agents are absorbed deep into the leather, where they restore the leather’s vitality. 

Improves suppleness --- As leather dries, it loses its soft, supple feel.  The intensive moisturizing agents in SG – 25 bring back lost suppleness, prolonging the life of the leather even if exposed to harsh heat and intense sun.  

Restructures top layer --- SG – 25 actually restructures the protective top layer (top-coat) to your leather.  Through use and sun exposure, this top layer loses its effectiveness.  It can even feel rough or chaffed to the touch.  The SG Series restructures this protective layer improving the long term wear characteristics.  Repeated use of the SG products builds this protective layer adding durability to your leather.  It leaves even old, dried leather feeling silky smooth.

pH balance --  The SG Series  is pH balanced.  Leather is acidic at 4.5 to 5.0.  Most leather cleaners are alkaline. This means they are actually harming the leather. When Leather’s pH is out of balance, it accelerates the breakdown its internal fibrous structure. The SG Series of Leather Performance products brings the leather back to its appropriate pH, reducing the long term damage to the leather caused by inappropriate pH leather care products.

Anti-bacteria and virus Agent Added – Pets and kids are germ factories.  SG – 25 not only conditions and protects your leather, it also adds anti-bacteria and virus protection.  With the system, when we say clean, we mean hospital clean.

Easy wipe on and rub --- Easy to apply with a simple, cleaning and conditioning wipe and rub technique.  No more cleaners that dull leather.  No more conditioners that make the leather feel sticky or oily.

 Long term effectiveness --- The SG Series of Leather Performance ingredients have staying power, reducing the frequency of application required.  Even after a single application your leather will feel better, last longer and give you the overall performance expected from leather in high-end automobiles.

The warmer the better --- The warmer the environment, the better SG – 25 performs.  When leather is warm, the moisturizing agents quickly revitalize the leather.  Even old, dried, tired looking leather can be brought back to life.

Suggested Marketing Channels

SG – Series of Leather Performance Products is an after-market product targeted to automobile and furniture owners who want to protect their investment in leather.  It will also work on a wide variety of other leather goods like jackets, motorcycle leather seats, saddlebags, briefcases, shoes, etc.

Example channels should include the following:

  1. Auto Dealerships (new and used)
  2. Aftermarket auto supply stores (Pep boys, etc.)
  3. Auto paint shops (Earl Schibb, etc.)
  4. Auto detailer
  5. Car washers
  6. Auto clubs
  7. Large chain stores
  8. Furniture retailers
  9. Direct sales via advertising in auto trader, etc.
  10. Direct sales via internet
  11. Flea market booths

Additional considerations:

It can be used for horse tack leather as well.

Targeted demographic markets include middle to high income households and auto owners who care about their leather.

Suggested Sales and General Awareness Tactics

  1. Create an article for publication in a trade journal.  Focus on uniqueness.  Examples available for
  2. Make up 1 or 2 oz samples and distribute through above channels – try it, you’ll like it approach.
  3. Create point-of-sale displays again emphasizing uniqueness of product offering.
  4. Direct sales to each of the above listed sales channels.

Bottle and Label Considerations

We recommend HDPE cylinder rounds, natural. These are semi-clear plastic bottles so you can see the contents.  Use a poly-tops white closure with a flip top for ease of use.  Make sure the ink on the label is not susceptible to having the ink run when it gets wet.

Copyright 2010, Kevin Gillan

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