Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aniline Leather Color Change Slide Show

Pure aniline dyed leather furniture is a challenge to maintain. The words "pure aniline dyed" means there is no protective coating applied to the leather. This classifies the leather as unfinished where the color presentation is strictly a dye in the leather. It's initial beauty both visual and tactile can't be beat. The problem is that it fades (UV sensitive) and stains (very absorbent) easily. To learn more about aniline dyed leather, click this link Leather Care.

As leather furniture restoration professionals we're often required to restore faded or stained aniline dyed furniture. And, the next logical question from the client often is, can the color be changed?

The answer is yes. The color can be restored to the original, or the color of your leather furniture can be changed. Its a procedure that we do professionally, or can supply you with the do it yourself (DIY) color enhancement system provided by Advanced Leather Solutions.

The procedure offers additional advantages in that the coloring system provides a protection addressing the two vulnerable issues with an aniline dyed piece.

1. Fading - The coloring chemistry is pigment based, not dye based. Pigments fade far more slowly than dyes. So, leave the furniture in the same environment for the same time period, and you will not see any where near the same fade rate.

2. Staining - The coloring restoration process also applies a protection to the leather. Think of it as a moisture hold out feature. So if something spills, it doesn't immediately soak in. You have the opportunity to blot the spill up before a stain develops.

The process not only can create a different color for your leather furniture, but it can create a mottled coloring affect. This means that the end result mimics what is naturally seen with aniline dyed leather furniture. With this system, the coloring process creates an organic look and feel consistent with what you'd expect on fine leather furniture.

View this annotated slide show to see the step by step process for a color change.

Aniline (unfinished) leather to color coated (finished) leather with color change to brown.

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