Friday, June 12, 2009

The Bane of Bicast Leather

About 3 years ago I published an article on our web-site and also in electronic form through an on-line magazine entitled "Bicast Leather Invasion". The article has generated about 12,000 hits to date, indicating the popularity of bicast leather.

The attraction of bicast is its low price point. People are buying leather furniture manufactured with bicast despite the fact that bicast is a low grade "leather wanna-be" that lacks durability. Consumers, thinking they are getting a bargain are in fact getting what they paid for - a cheap imitation of the real deal.

So, as leather technicians, we're faced with the reality that consumers are having problems with their bicast leather furniture. Tears in the bicast leather are appearing seemingly spontaneously, typically on the top of a seat cushion. The actual source of the tear is the inherent weakness found in bicast. The problem for a leather technician is that the traditional leather repair techniques won't work with bicast leather. The standard model for leather repair assumes that the leather's fiber structure surrounding the damage has integrity. The repair is then "anchored" to these non-damaged fibers allowing the wound to be permanently "healed." This reliance on the durability of the material around the damage is essential to the repair's long-term viability. In other words with the standard model, the quality of the repair is a function of the integrity of the leather. Given that bicast is inherently weak, the standard model has to be modified. Damaged bicast requires a different approach to repair if the goal is to offer the best shot at a long lasting repair.

To that end, Advanced Leather Solutions has published on YouTube a two part video sequence demonstrating this bicast leather repair strategy.

Here's Part One...

And Part Two...

After reviewing these videos, you may still have questions. You can learn more at our web-site, or call our technical help line at 510-786-6059.

You may also care to read the original "Bicast Leather Invasion" article published through

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