Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Burn Hole in Leather Repair Sequence

The following sequence of pictures is an annotated slide show that demonstrates the proper technique for repairing a burn hole in leather furniture. Whether from a cigarette or an ember from a fireplace, the burn is all the way through the leather leaving a fairly large hole. The technicians at Advanced Leather Solutions ( put this picture sequence together. You'll notice there are interesting tricks employed to re-create the mottled coloring affect on the leather. Even the first step in counter-intuitive. The idea is to release the tension of the puckering caused by the heat that effected the leather immediately surrounding the burn. You accomplish this feat by making the hole larger.

The end result is a repair that will last a long time even though it is on a weight baring panel.

To learn more about these techniques in leather repair, go to

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