Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leather Furniture Restoration - A Business Opportunity

This blog is intended to offer information about leather furniture repair and restoration. There may be some interested in this field as a business opportunity. Or have a related business like wood furniture repair and restoration and are interested in new revenue opportunities. Consider that the world of leather furniture restoration awaits.

Pent Up Demand

Let’s look at the fundamentals. Over the past 20 years the install base of leather furniture in residential and commercial space has exploded. In the United States alone there are ten’s of millions households and offices with leather furniture. While some leather pieces age gracefully, after years of use the vast majority show wear and tear, fading, staining and other unsightly use related issues. Most people think that their leather furniture has to be sent to the landfill when it reaches this condition. If it was a quality piece then this is not true. If the fundamental fiber structure of the leather is still intact, then that old tired looking sofa can be refinished essentially to like-new condition. Bottom-line --- there is huge pent-up demand in people’s homes and offices all across North America waiting for your attention.

You can drill into this market with our help. We partner with you. No special skills are required on your part as we do all of the technical work --- the leather analysis and color matching for you. We prepare a Leather Restoration System “in-a-box” for your client. All you have to do is follow the instructions (written and DVD). You’ll transform your client’s old tired leather furniture to like-new condition.

Here's a good example.

Transformed to this...

We Team With You

There are a number of ways this system can work for you. The process doesn’t require a professional shop. You can have a mobile leather restoring business, solving your client’s leather furniture problems in their home or office.

An example scenario involves a site visit where you inspect the target furniture. You collect a sample of the client’s existing leather, take some digital photos and send that off to our technical staff. With our help, together we’ll determine of the piece is a candidate for restoration.

Our Job

Advanced Leather Solutions takes the responsibility for the technically difficult tasks --- leather analysis, (determines priming chemistry) and color matching. We custom create a Leather Restoration System for that specific project and ship. The system includes everything you’ll need to complete the project. We then stand ready to support your efforts. We’ll answer all questions helping to ensure complete success for you and your client.

Your Job

You schedule a return visit to do the work. With our guidance and Leather Restoration System, you’ll transform your client’s leather furniture to like-new. Most projects can be completed in a day or less, large projects may take longer.

You can choose to do the work on-site or at your own location, even your own garage.

We know this system works. With hundreds of DIY clients throughout North America we have a proven system. If the average consumer can successfully complete the project, so can you. Check out the video from FOX News in Dallas, Tx. Find it on our DIY Leather Solutions web site.

What Does This Mean For You

Basically it boils down to broadening your market and skills leading to more money in your pocket.

Working with us on a professional partnership basis is a painless way to get into the leather restoration market. Because we’re involved with the technically difficult aspects you can get into the business of leather furniture restoration without a lengthy and demanding apprenticeship.

Whether you have an occasional client or decide to focus your energy specifically in the field of leather restoration, the financial rewards can be considerable. Beyond the dollars from any specific project, the client’s are typically astounded at the transformation. Word-of-mouth in your local market takes off from there seeding future business.

We have over 20 years experience in the leather repair and restoration business. With our experience and your hands on-site, you can tap into the pent up demand.

Call us or send us an e-mail and we’ll discuss the specifics. For more information please email or phone us at 1-800-541-5982

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